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Indiana-Kentucky Conference

Ministry Authorization

Are you hearing God’s call to serve the church? The Indiana-Kentucky Conference staff and our associations’ Committees on Ministry will help you discern the shape that call will take and whether it requires ecclesiastical authorization in the United Church of Christ. Authorized ministers can serve in a variety of settings including the local church, a wider denominational setting, hospital, military and other forms of chaplaincy, colleges and seminaries, or religious non-profit organizations.

The process of becoming an authorized minister in the United Church of Christ begins with membership in a local UCC congregation. After the local setting gets to know an individual’s call, they can recommend a candidate to the association Committee on Ministry to become a Member in Discernment. Once approved, the committee works with a Member in Discernment for a period of years using the Marks of Faithful and Effective Ministry as a guide to determine what spiritual development and educational and professional preparation are appropriate for each candidate.

If you are an authorized minister in another denomination and are seeking authorization in the United Church of Christ, the Committee on Ministry can also work through special processes appropriate for your situation: Privilege of Call, Ministerial Partner Standing, or Dual Standing. If you are a UCC minister seeking a transfer of standing to an IKC UCC association, please read this sheet describing the process.

To learn more about the processes of becoming authorized in the United Church of Christ, you may refer to the denomination’s Manual on Ministry and/or email Chad Abbott, Conference Minister, to get connected to your local association’s Committee on Ministry.

Blessings on your journey!