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Indiana-Kentucky Conference

Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness and Response Ministry Team

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Current initiative in response to COVID-19:

We are calling on IKC members and partners to contribute to efforts to make cloth face masks. Here are the details, and you can download a PDF with this information here: IKC Cloth Face Mask Initiative.

The Disaster Preparedness and Response Ministry Team (DPRMT) is initiating a project and asking our IKC church communities to participate. With the COVID-19 spreading in the US at an alarming rate there is much concern for our health care workers. The shortage of personal protection equipment (PPE) at the hospitals, nursing homes, etc. has presented us an opportunity to make a difference in protecting those who are caring for us. Would you consider making cloth facemasks for your community’s health care personnel? If so, here are some things to consider.

  • There are many websites providing information on how and what materials to use to make the cloth face masks. One such resource is Once you go to their website type “How to make a Face Mask” in the search window.

Also, our own Rev. Dr. Monica Ouellette, Minister for Search, Call and Congregational Transitions, has been making masks and offers this website, You can contact her directly if you have questions.

  • Determine where you want to take your masks. However, be sure the facility you select has a need. Also, be sure to speak with their staff to determine if they have certain criteria for making the masks.
  • Please keep a tally of how many masks you make and where they were distributed. We want to recognize your efforts. Please send your tally information to at the end the month.

Together this body of Christ, referred to as the IKC churches, can make a difference. We look forward to your participation in the service project to combat the spread of COVID-19.


We live in a tumultuous time, full of natural and human disasters. God calls us to care for our brothers and sisters, but good intentions aren’t enough. The Disaster Preparedness and Response Ministry Team (DPRMT) exists to establish and coordinate disaster preparation and relief efforts within and beyond the conference borders. We go beyond sending thoughts, prayers, and worn-out clothing and look for the most effective ways to give, from our dollars to our time.

DPRMT concentrates on four areas:

  1. Preparedness – We want to do more than just respond after disaster hits. DPRMT produces materials to assist congregations and families in preparing for emergencies, such as the Emergency Management Flip Chart. We also encourage congregations to collect contact information so they can assist their members at the time of a disaster.
  2. Relief Coordination – We don’t try to swoop in and save the day because we know we don’t have all the solutions. Instead, we communicate and collaborate with other volunteer and governmental agencies so that we do not become part of the “second disaster” with unusable donations or unskilled volunteers.
  3. Material Collection – We coordinate collection and delivery of food, clothing, rebuilding supplies and other materials needed for disaster recovery. We also raise funds as needed for disaster recovery.
  4. Recovery Work – We train volunteers and host disaster recovery work camps throughout the geographical boundaries of the conference.

DPRMT meets 2-3 times a year at the conference office in Indianapolis and several other times through conference calls. For more information about getting involved, please contact Rev. Greg Denk at Attn: Greg Denk.

Read the 2020 DPRMT Annual Report

Work Camp 2020 – Cancelled


A Disaster Preparedness Manual for Churches

Church Facilities Emergency Management Flip Chart 

Church Facility Emergency Preparedness 

DHS – Active Shooter Pocket Card

Disaster Planning for Faith Communities-Six Steps for Readiness.2021

Effective Emergency Planning for Your House of Worship

Emergency Kit (72 hour supply)

Emergency Out-the-Door Items

Emergency Kit – Additional

Family Emergency Plan – FEMA

Emergency Responder Self-Care Plan


Greg Denk
Disaster Coordinator, IKC

To contact Greg, please email Attn: Greg Denk.