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Indiana-Kentucky Conference

2019 Budget Supports Staffing & Fundraising Plan

June 21, 2018

The Annual Gathering approved a 2019 budget that supports a dynamic new staffing plan and aligns itself with the four-year fixed budget that was approved in 2016.

The total expenditures of the now-approved 2019 budget are $626,500 and are consistent with what has been approved through 2020. The bulk of those expenses will be spent on staffing which will include these new positions in late 2018 and 2019:

• Two half-time Associate Conference Ministers — one focused on supporting the earch and call process…
and one on supporting committees on ministry…. [To Apply for these positions, contact Rev. Chad Abbott at]
• A half-time Director of Communications that will be shared with one or two other UCC conferences.
• A part-time Data Entry Specialist.
• A part-time Events Coordinator.

Existing full-time staff positions include the Conference Minister position occupied by Rev. Chad Abbott and the Conference Administrator occupied by Rebecca Braganza. Those positions will remain.

Watch the Staffing Plan Presentation

In addition, a one-year contracted Minister for Financial Vitality, Rev. Michael Erwin, will be employed to do research and propose a fundraising plan that will explore new ways to realize income. To meet staffing expenses, the conference is currently dependent on churches’ giving to Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM), which is shared with the national setting of the UCC at a rate of 20%. [Learn More]

Because of the spending cuts adopted in 2016 and despite larger than expected declines in OCWM giving, the conference realized overages of $75,000 in 2017 which the board voted to put into the Donald R. Buckthal (DRB) Fund as it had previously planned. Those funds are earmarked to support church vitality and new church starts.

In 2019 there are an additional $46,000 in needed transitional funds to support this staffing plan, which may be covered by OCWM or other types of giving. The Board of Directors will focus significant time and attention on developing fundraising strategies in the coming year.

Please give to support this dynamic plan through our secure online site:…

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