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Indiana-Kentucky Conference


August 26, 2018

Thank you for your welcome to the Indiana Kentucky Conference. It is a joy to be serving in ministry with you as the Associate Conference Minister for Search, Call and Congregational Transitions. Part of my ministry is networking within and beyond the Indiana Kentucky Conference. Networking can be defined as the supportive service of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest. In the context of my ministry this means sharing information and services among congregations in transition. An example of networking is sharing resources related to the search and call process, sharing pulpit supply lists and potential Interim lists. Another example of networking is sharing best practices to help each congregation in transition to discern and call the best person to be their new settled pastor.  Sharing best practices includes exchanging tips on writing interesting profiles, what type of pictures to include in the profile, what questions to ask candidates in the initial interview and in the second interview, how to arrange a neutral pulpit, what kind of events to include during the candidating weekend, writing a call agreement contract, and the necessary steps in planning an installation service.
To help our congregations in transition network with each other I will be facilitating a monthly Search & Call Conversation video conference to check in with search committees, profile committees and Council/Consistories/Boards to share resources and best practices, and answer questions. I will be reaching out in the next few weeks to determine if Thursday evening at 8:00 (EST) or Sunday at 4:00 pm (EST) is more convenient for you to join the conversation.
In addition, I am networking beyond our conference through attending the Authorizing Ministry in the 21 st Century Conference in San Diego, participating in a Associate Conference Minister Community of Practice and having a conversation with another conference about facilitating Interim Ministry training.
It is an exciting and busy time to be part of the Indiana Kentucky Conference.  My prayer is that together we will share the good news, build strong supportive networks, and build up Christ’s church here in our conference.
Blessings on the journey,
Rev. Dr. Monica Ouellette
Associate Conference Minister

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