IKC Transitions Summer Camp Program Leadership

The Indiana-Kentucky Conference (IKC) Board of Directors and the Merom Camp & Retreat Center (MCRC) leadership entered into an agreement that all responsibility for camp program will transition to Merom staff and volunteers in 2018. Both the IKC and the MCRC agreed that Merom leadership would offer the best camping experience by taking full responsibility for the camping program itself.

In 2015, the Indiana-Kentucky Conference Board of Directors and the Merom Governing Board reached an agreement to transfer the ownership and operation of the Merom Conference Center to a new, independent non-profit entity dedicated to continuing camping and retreat activities at Merom. At the end of 2016, this process was finalized the new Merom Camp & Retreat Center took over the operation at the start of 2017. The IKC Summer Camp program, held at Merom, remained a program of the IKC Outdoor Ministries Committee (OMC).

During 2017 camp season, the Outdoor Ministries Committee and Merom worked together to bring camp to fruition with the intent that the OMC would assume the full duties of summer camp program preparation in 2018. During a review of the 2017 camps, the OMC determined that Merom’s staff and volunteers have the experience and time to more effectively perform the tasks needed for an effective camp season than the volunteers of the OMC and the limited time available from the IKC staff.

The OMC leadership approached the IKC Executive Committee with a plan to hand over official camp programming to Merom staff. The Executive Committee gave permission to that committee to do that. After discussions with the MCRC leadership, agreement was reach to recommend the transition to the IKC Board of Directors. The decision was affirmed by the full Board of Directors at its Feb. 9 board meeting.

Merom Camp & Retreat Center is creating a new committee for their programming, including summer camp, and has invited the members of the IKC OMC that have been involved in camp to join their new committee. The 2018 camp season schedule has been set and looks very much like the 2017 season. We celebrate that camp will continue at MCRC. MCRC remains the camp of choice for our Indiana-Kentucky Conference churches. The camp brochures and registration information will be available soon. MCRC will be producing and processing the registrations. You will continue to see information about camp from the IKC, but all inquiries about camp, registration and volunteering for camp should be directed to the Merom Camp & Retreat Center (www.merom.org or 812-356-4511).

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