ACT Now: Unite to End Racism

To the NCC Governing Board, the Truth and Reconciliation Task Force, Partners in the ACT Now challenge, those chairing and serving on committees, beginning to mobilize, arranging for buses, making airline reservations, to all who will be tuning in on Facebook, or supporting the effort from afar…
Our First Act – Pray!
We’ve already been praying, of course. Now let’s step it up with a scheduled time when our hearts and souls can meet in the mind of God.
From now till April 5 (at least!) let’s agree to pray for the ACT Now: Unite to End Racism challenge every Thursday morning at 7AM your local time. It will be a rolling wave of prayer as 7AM dawns from time zone to time zone across the country and around the world.
Let’s pray that our country will:
A – Awaken to the truth that racism hurts us all
C – Confront the ways in which we have been complicit, complacent, or coerced
T – Transform – as stories are shared and truth is revealed, as we name the ways we can change and be transformed: as individuals, families, neighborhoods, communities of faith, and society as a whole
Let’s pray that we will UNITE to end racism!
Let’s pray for all those who are planning the April 3,4,5 launch – that it will be inspiring, motivating, challenging, equipping and safe – and that it will become part of a mighty current of healing and wholeness, justice and peace in our land.
You can join others in the IKC in our Facebook Group to pray every Thursday at 7AM ET.