Proposed Constitution & Bylaws to Reflect Current Ministries

During the past several years, the Indiana-Kentucky Conference (IKC) has experienced great change. Large parts of its Constitution and Bylaws no longer apply to the way the Conference currently functions. In 2017, the IKC Board of Directors tasked the Programming, Planning, and Policy Advisory Committee (PPPAC) to review the Constitution and Bylaws, and to make recommendations for changes.

PPPAC began the process by first identifying the purpose and needs of a Constitution and Bylaws. It determined the following purposes:

State who we are, why we exist, and provide direction;

• Identify who governs;
• Provide legal parameters;
• Identify the rules and high level processes for operating;
• Offer flexibility for adapting, while avoiding chaos;
• Provide structure, while allowing for dreaming.

The current Constitution and Bylaws (C&B) originated in the 1960’s and changes made in the past 50+ years have been patched in, providing a cumbersome, disjointed, and repetitive document. PPPAC recommended a complete overhaul and revision of the C&B, as opposed to amending the existing document. In order to have the C&B be more nimble while providing a solid framework for the Conference, the proposed major changes include:

• Combining the two existing documents (“Constitution” and “Bylaws”) into one document (“Constitution & Bylaws”), as suggested by Robert’s Rules;
• Standardizing language about ministers and clergy with the term “authorized ministers”;
• Adding verbiage and providing clarification of relationships and covenants between the Conference, Associations, local churches, and authorized ministers;
• Distinguishing between “gatherings” and “business meetings,” and requiring that business meetings be held at least once every 2 years;
• Eliminating verbiage about Merom Conference Center and the Merom Governing Board;
• Streamlining the makeup of the Board of Directors;
• Reducing named committees that the Conference is required to have functioning;
• Streamlining committee makeup, as well as having all committees be responsible to the Board of Directors;
• Altering rules and timeframes for amendments.

The PPPAC presented a draft of a proposed Constitution & Bylaws to the Board of Directors in the fall of 2017. The Board reviewed and thoroughly discussed the proposed draft, which was updated based on the feedback.

In the next few months, we want your feedback! Look for opportunities to review and discuss the proposed C&B. Due to the timing requirements of the existing Constitution, we will have a final recommendation completed by the end of March so we can vote on adopting a new Constitution & Bylaws at the Annual Gathering June 1-2, 2018 at Freidens UCC in Indianapolis.

If you have comments or questions about the proposed changes, please contact me at

Wendy Baldwin

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