Board of Directors

July 15, 2015

Wow! I am still reflecting upon the Annual Gathering and all the great things that happened during those two days. Now, we have another new item which will have the greatest impact upon the IKC staff.


Many hours of planning and thinking has gone into this collaboration with the Christian Church in Indiana (Disciples of Christ). Jim Elliott, Val Ruess, Shawn Seals and Bud Walther comprised the team that met with the DOC leadership and staff as well as a design firm to determine the best plans for combining the IKC and DOC office space. The decision was made to combine space which will reduce the office rental costs for both the DOC and IKC.


The IKC office will be operating in the new share office suite (suite 150) on Aug. 12. The staff has been preparing for this move by reviewing and reducing files and doing a great job of house cleaning so the move will include only essential items. Paper files are also being moved to electronic format, following the new Document Retention Policy created by a team led by Jim Jensen.


This has been a large undertaking by our staff. I applaud their wonderful “can do” attitude as preparation for the move has been going on while they had many other major items for which they were preparing, i.e. Annual Gathering, General Synod, a change in office leadership as well as responding to the many daily tasks and requests received on a daily basis. We have a wonderful staff and I am grateful for their expertise and the work accomplished.


If you have an opportunity to visit the Indiana Interchurch Center (home of the IKC office), please do, but realize a new location will soon house both the IKC and DOC staff. This provides a tremendous opportunity to share resources and work closely with our sister denomination.


Joyce A. Smidley, Chair

IKC Board of Directors


June 15, 2015

If you did not have the opportunity to see a team at work during the Annual Gathering of the IKC, I am truly sorry you missed it. Many important actions were needed to give direction for the coming years, and those actions were taken with grace, patience, respect and prayer. I, for one, am so very pleased and proud that such hard work brought about marvelous decisions and actions. Congratulations to all.


Special thanks are deserved for those who spent many hours late into Friday evening revising and combining the intent of the two Merom Conference Center proposals. The dedication and commitment to this issue was wonderful to see. If you are not aware, the following motion was presented and passed by the voting body of the Annual Gathering.


The Indiana-Kentucky Conference of the United Church of Christ (IKC):


  1. Will seek to relinquish ownership, of the Merom Conference Center by December 31, 2016.
  2. Will sell the Merom Conference Center property for $1.00 to a new corporate entity established by the present Merom Governing Board and the Outdoor Ministries Committee members, provided the new entity has accomplished these tasks by January 31, 2016:
  1. Written its bylaws and established its governing body;
  2. Submitted for recognition from the Indiana Secretary of State as a not-for-profit corporation;
  3. Applied for 501(c)(3) status from the IRS;
  4. Arranged for insurance on the Merom Conference Center property and its governing body.
  1. All funds from the Merom Endowment Fund, Crawn Memorial (Cabin) Fund, Merom Capital Fund and all other reserves designated to Merom Conference Center as well as all real and tangible property of Merom Conference Center become the property of the new corporate entity as part of this transfer. 
  2. Funds from the Dan Crawn Memorial (Cabin) Fund may be used for architectural, engineering, septic system, permitting, and other exploratory costs in planning for the new cabin during this transition period.
  3. If (2) is not accomplished, then the IKC Board of Directors may solicit other Requests for Proposals (RFPs).


Thank you to all who made this possible and continue working hard to provide quality outdoor ministry for all of the IKC.


Rev. Phil Hart was welcomed to the IKC as the Consulting Conference Minister. Rev. Hart currently serves as the Designated Conference Minister of the Ohio Conference. The Ohio and Indiana-Kentucky Conferences are entering an experimental period for joint leadership. This opportunity will give the IKC administrative support. With this, we will enter into the experiment of joint leadership which was suggested by the wider church many years ago. We are the first two conferences to try this experiment, so many people will be interested in the outcome.


The Vision Committee, chaired by the dressed for success, Pastor Scott Nedberg, is beginning to work on how the future IKC will look. Please share your thoughts on how to move forward with the committee. A questionnaire put together by this committee is available here. Please review it and submit your thoughts.


Thank you for your continuing prayers and commitment to the IKC and all of the UCC. We will have challenges in the upcoming years, but the joy of working with wonderful, caring people who can come together as a team is the best part of meeting those challenges. Keep praying for all people of this world and may we of the IKC continue following and hearing God’s guidance as we embrace change.


Joyce A. Smidley, Chair

IKC Board of Directors


 The following list introduces you to the IKC Board of Directors for 2014-2015:


Elected By The Annual Meeting (15):   

Joyce Smidley (Class of 2015) *Chair

Genet Soule (Class of 2015)

Cheryl Whitmore (Class of 2015)

Ron Wunsch (Class of 2015)

Jim Harper, III (Class of 2016) *Vice-Chair/Nominating Committee Chair

Bill Hogg (Class of 2016)

Kathy Matheny (Class of 2016) *At-Large Executive Committee Member

Don Yegerlehner (Class of 2016) *At-Large Executive Committee Member

Eva Buthy (Class of 2017)

David Butz (Class of 2017)

Sharon Hedegard (Class of 2017)

Mark Sirnic (Class of 2017)

Rick Unsicker (Class of 2017)


Serving By Virtue Of Office (9):

Scott Nedberg, Past Moderator

Emily Tisheuar, Moderator

Wendy Bruner, Vice Moderator

Jerry Crozier, Merom Governing Board Chair

Wendy Baldwin, Secretary

Shawn Seals, Treasurer

Bill Kiesel, Asset Manager *Ex-Officio

Jim Elliott, Programming, Planning & Policy Advisory Committee Chair *Ex-Officio

Vacant, Indiana Christian Church/Disciples of Christ (DOC) Representative

Vacant, Kentucky Christian Church/Disciples of Christ (DOC) Representative