Merom Conference Center

Merom Conference Center Update

The criteria specified in the “Joint Motion” shown below has been submitted. On Dec. 4-5, 2015, meetings were scheduled to arrange for insurance coverage.


Joint Merom Conference Center Motion from IKC Board of Directors and Salem UCC, Westphalia, Ind.


The Indiana-Kentucky Conference of the United Church of Christ (IKC):


1. Will seek to relinquish ownership, of the Merom Conference Center by December 31, 2016.

2. Will sell the Merom Conference Center property for $1.00 to a new corporate entity established by the present Merom Governing Board and the Outdoor Ministries Committee members, provided the new entity has accomplished these tasks by January 31, 2016:

a. Written its bylaws and established its governing body;

b. Submitted for recognition from the Indiana Secretary of State as a not-for-profit corporation;

c. Applied for 501(c)(3) status from the IRS;

d. Arranged for insurance on the Merom Conference Center property and its governing body.

3. All funds from the Merom Endowment Fund, Crawn Memorial (Cabin) Fund, Merom Capital Fund and all other reserves designated to Merom Conference Center as well as all real and tangible property of Merom Conference Center become the property of the new corporate entity as part of this transfer.

4. Funds from the Dan Crawn Memorial (Cabin) Fund may be used for architectural, engineering, septic system, permitting, and other exploratory costs in planning for the new cabin during this transition period.

5. If (2) is not accomplished, then the IKC Board of Directors may solicit other Requests for Proposals (RFPs).


Approved by the Annual Meeting of the Indiana-Kentucky Conference, United Church of Christ on June

6, 2015.


Joyce Smidley, Chair               Jerry Crozier, Chair

IKC Board of Directors             Merom Governing Board


Revised Merom Conference Center Motion From IKC Board Of Directors & Salem UCC, Westphalia, Ind. - Approved 6/6/15 By The Annual Meeting Of The Indiana-Kentucky Conference, United Church Of Christ


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Merom CC Receives Donation For Repairs

The Merom Conference Center received $30,000 donation for repairs to College Hall. The donation was given in response to the need for tuck pointing repairs to part of College Hall. These repairs will take care of the southeast corner of the building where some bricks have come loose and have dropped. The area has been fenced off for the past year. We are excited to have this project checked off our “wish list!” Check out the news story here.

Confirmation Retreats

Confirmation Retreats are designed for confirmation classes of all sizes. Mentors are encouraged to attend with their youth to share the experience. Programming is intended to help confirmands learn about our family of churches, our denomination and all our opportunities. Attendees join in worship, fellowship and discussions. Join us at Merom as we explore our faith.

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