Merom Testimonials

Merom Conference Center Testimonial

By Janet Buente

Member, Merom Governing Board


“I am the Church. You are the Church. We are the Church together.” As I listened to the children of Zion UCC in Elberfeld, Ind., I thought to myself, “that is the message that we need to get out to our churches in the Indiana-Kentucky Conference about the Merom Conference Center.”


Each week, my children’s sermon begins with the children bringing their coins to put in our “Coins for Camp” jug. They are so proud of the fact that they have raised over $500 in seven months just by bringing in their coins. They have also enlisted the help of the congregation by “floating” the container through the pews. These children have never been to Merom, but my hope and prayer is that they will get to do so in the very near future. It was with great consternation that I realized I had not been doing the best job of explaining about Merom. A council member commented that it wasn’t until I told the children and the congregation that we own the camp, that a connection was made. Merom is our camp. It belongs to each and every one of us in the Indiana-Kentucky Conference. Together, we are owners of the most wonderful, best-kept secret in our state and in our conference.


I was first introduced to Merom over 30 years ago as a camp counselor. I have sent my daughters to Merom and I currently serve on the Merom Governing Board. Merom’s programs touch the lives of the community, Sullivan County and the many people who participate in the life of Merom. Lasting friendships are forged and the attendees – ages 0 to 99 – leave with a better sense of who they are and to whom they belong. Merom is a place where the love of Christ is lived, shared and practiced. Won’t you step up, take ownership and do your part to help continue this vital ministry? “I am the Church. You are the Church. We are the Church together.”


Merom Conference Center Testimonial

By Shawn Seals

IKC Treasurer &

Member, Merom Governing Board


Unlike many who grew up in the Indiana-Kentucky Conference of the United Church of Christ, I do not have a long and storied history with the Merom Conference Center (Merom). My time at Merom has been limited to a few Conference business meetings and delivering and retrieving kids, including my own, from St. John’s (Southport) UCC in Indianapolis for camps and retreats.


The youth of St. John’s have spent most of their lives in Indiana’s capital city of over 800,000 people. Escaping to the small, rural town of Merom is a restful and welcome relief for many of these youth. Youth today are pulled in so many different directions and the choices and decisions they make are more difficult than any adult can truly understand. That “middle-of-nowhere” feel is a significant part of what draws our youth to St. John’s.


Within my family, the oldest of my two sons has been as involved in the life and ministry of Merom as his busy schedule allows. For him, the peace and tranquility of Merom is a perfect escape from his hectic bigger city life. While he is there, he feels comfortable, loved and at peace with everything and everyone around him. This is a very important place to him. The peacefulness and programming that he experiences at Merom are what he – and every other teenager in today’s society – needs to remember the importance of a God-centered life.


As a parent, and one who plays a very active role in the life of the youth at St. John’s, I am thankful that Merom is in their lives. The place, the programs and the people that make Merom special will always be special to me as well.


Merom Conference Center Testimonial

By Dan Sergesketter

Member, Merom Governing Board


Long before I became a member of the Merom Governing Board, I heard of the Merom "Spirit." Once I became a board member and visited the Merom Conference Center on a regular basis, I experienced this phenomenon first hand.


Every time I go to Merom, I feel closer to God. It doesn't matter whether it is a board meeting, confirmation retreat, work session or casual visit, I feel spiritually refreshed. There are a variety of reasons that explain this experience.


The campus is quiet – the serenity brings peace to the soul. The staff members are dedicated to their jobs because it is more than a job – it is a ministry. I love to see the summer musicals performed by the Creative Spirit Camp. It is unbelievable how good the productions are, given the short time the kids and adults have to put them together. At Merom, Christian beliefs are put into action. This is why I love Merom and want to see it continue for generations to come.