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Dream Fulfilled & Hope Realized

The Sri Lanka Mission Partnership is thrilled to share the following story with you. As you may know, we created, developed and financially supported the Bishop Ambalavanar Girls Home in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. It was our hope and dream to enable young girls caught in the terrible web of a long civil war in their land. We often wondered what happened to these children after the government closed the home a few years ago. By the generous and loving support of the churches in the IKC and the support of the Jaffna Diocese we share the story of Priya Govindarajah – a dream fulfilled and a hope realized. Again, our grateful thanks to the IKC churches, church organizations and individuals whose generosity enabled this important mission.


News From The Sri Lanka Mission Partnership

The Indiana-Kentucky Conference can celebrate the end of the 25-year-long civil war in Sri Lanka. This is cause for many profound changes in both the country and in our partner church. With the end of the war, the need to take children from the conflict area and provide them with a safe haven outside their community has come to an end.


Our partner church in Sri Lanka informed the Sri Lanka Mission Partnership Taskforce that the Bishop Ambalavanar Girls' Home, which you have supported so generously, was closed by the government. The girls were sent either to their homes or to foster homes in their villages of origin.


While this crisis only occasionally captured the attention of larger international institutions, the Indiana-Kentucky Conference has been a steady presence in Sri Lanka. We hope you will help us maintain that valuable presence in a shared ministry of rebuilding. (Read More)


Click here to watch a short trailer on some of the work that the Indiana-Kentucky Conference has been involved with in Sri Lanka.

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