UCC Office Support Staff Network

United Church of Christ Office Support Staff Network (UCCOSSN)

The UCC Office Support Staff Network is a web of office professionals from a diverse group of settings across the United Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, and other related organizations.

Some of the goals of the UCCOSSN are:

  • To create a network of UCC Office Support Staff at all levels throughout the denomination.
  • To raise the level of professionalism of UCC Office Support Staff
  • To provide continuing education opportunities for UCC Office Support Staff.
  • To provide opportunities for fellowship and sharing among peers.
  • To raise the awareness of local churches, associations, conferences, national bodies - the denomination as a whole - of the vital role of the contributions of UCC Office Support Staff.


Professional development is an important part of personal growth, and the UCCOSSN provides just that, for the people who work behind the scenes to keep our church and conference offices running smoothly. The UCCOSSN offers a national annual meeting (held in different locations across the country) that provides opportunities for support staff to attend continuing education workshops on subjects including diversity and sensitivity, UCC programs, communications, technology and more. The annual meetings also provide support staff opportunities to network and participate in peer group discussions and celebrate in worship and devotional time.

For more information on this growing and vital ministry, and how you can get your church support staff involved, contact Nikki Richards, UCCOSSN Communications Team and IKC Communications Coordinator at n.richards@ikcucc.org.


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