General Resources

Here are resources for all to help with the extended work of congregations and clergy.

The Lombard Mennonite Peace Center seeks to proclaim Christ’s good news, the gospel of peace and justice, and to be active in the sacred ministry of reconciliation, wherever and whenever we can.

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Clergy and Lay Education Fund

Members-in-Discernment grants will be made from this fund.  These distributions will be made by individual grants or for conference-wide programming.  Each year, no more than $1,500.00 of the Members-in-Discernment grants will be designated as Harry W. Bredweg Scholarship, and another of $1,500.00 shall be designated as First UCC, Muncie Scholarship. Applications are accepted in the Spring of each year and approved for disbursement in September.

Pastoral Emergency Fund

This fund will be used to assist clergy and/or clergy families who need emergency aid.  For example, it can be used to pay for pastoral supply in times of illness, when all vacation has been used and the local church agrees to continue salary until disability begins. Applications for assistance will need to be made in writing to the Conference Minister or the Associate Conference Ministers.

Lovina Wesson Scholarship Fund

The fund will provide scholarships for women of the Conference to attend retreats and continuing education events. The fund is administered by the Women’s Board. A written request needs to be made to the chair of the Women’s Board with a description of event and amount desired.

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