Women’s Board

Learn how we’re bringing “women of noble character” to life.

The women of Indiana Kentucky Conference have partnered with Rev. Sarah Margari and The Divine Women’s Merchantship since 2010.  Sarah’s ministry started with a focus on women, training them in business, finance, computer skills, literacy and health. We helped Sarah provide small business loans and some equipment for farming, poultry raising, restaurants, snack stand, hair dressing, sewing, knitting and many other endeavors. The women then worked at their business, paid back their loans and trained others. In 2017 young men asked to be trained. This stared another group of businesses. It also kept the young men from being drawn into Boko Haram and other violent groups. Sarah started the Sow Hope International School which serves nursery through secondary grades. They have one small school and the first floor of a much larger school.

Our conference women and their churches have helped support these ventures and have dug five bore hole wells. The wells supply water for over 10,000 people, greatly improving the health of their communities.

Sarah’s ministry has been plagued by natural disasters and community violence; but her faith and trust in God never falters. We are blessed to be a part of this powerful ministry.

You can continue to contribute and support this project by donating to the IKC conference here with the note “For Rev. Sarah Maigari.”

The Women’s Board brings the proverbial “woman of noble character” to life for the twenty-first century. We all look forward to a day when a separate women’s ministry is no longer necessary, but until then, the Women’s Board assists local groups in providing hospitality, nurturing, and empowerment.

We work to promote four areas of interest throughout the Indiana-Kentucky Conference:

  • Spiritual direction and study
  • Life issues
  • Stewardship and service
  • Program planning
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