Being the church often means administrating church work, enabling Associations and Committees on Ministry to effectively support clergy, and providing learning, training, and other resource for church life.

Stretching Beyond: Diversity in the Search and Call Process from the UCC

A series of four storytelling videos that depict several scenarios for search committee reflection.

These videos from the UCC’s Ministerial Excellence, Support and Authorization Team broaden the search committee’s consideration of pastoral candidates by raising awareness of bias.

One of the most important tasks any congregation will take up is the search for a new pastor. We call this process Search and Call. Search is the process of creating a church profile and vetting potential ministers who are interested in your congregation. Call is the theological term for inviting a minister to be a church’s pastor, and their discernment that they are being called to that work with your congregation. We call the pastor’s contract a “call agreement.” In addition to using the documents included below to help you with Search and Call, our Associate Minister for Search, Call and Congregational Transitions, Rev. Dr. Monica Ouellette, can help you with your questions. Click here to email Rev. Ouellette.

Not only during the call process, but throughout a clergy call, a congregation will need to update and administer compensation. This may include insurance, mileage reimbursement, and more. Here are some helpful resources.

The Indiana Kentucky Conference Transitions Team (IKCTT)

The Indiana Kentucky Conference Transitions Team (IKCTT) assists congregations during times of transitions, This Team specializes in helping local congregations navigate the challenges and options that accompany a transition time.  The vision of the IKC Transition Team is to nourish, resource, and challenge congregations experiencing transition in hope of discovering new and revitalizing expressions of life empowering ministry.

Members of the IKC Transition Team have served in IKC for at least 2 years, completed Basic Christian Coach training and participating in one or more transitional training events.  The IKC Transitions Team oversees the ministry of three working groups of trained coaches:

  • Bridge Team Coaches work with congregations experiencing a season of pastoral change preparing to enter the search and call process.
  • Shared Ministry Team Coaches work with congregations exploring shared ministry with another UCC congregation or with a congregation in another denomination.
  • Legacy Team Coaches work with congregations evaluating closure and a meaningful design of its legacy.

Getting Started: A congregational leader or pastor contacts the Associate Conference Minister (ACM) for Search, Call and Congregational Transitions to report that the congregation is entering a time of transition.  The ACM will conduct an initial assessment to determine if a Bridge Team, a Shared Ministry Team, or a Legacy Team are best suited for this transition.  The ACM will meet with the congregation and assign a coach to work with the congregation.

Email Rev. Ouellette about congregational transitions
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