Learn more about how our Conference supports our churches and individuals.

Here are the ways we’re reaching out to the community, in our region and the world, to make a difference in Christ’s name.

The IKC is proud to be a WISE (Welcoming, Inclusive, Supportive, and Engaged) for Mental Health Conference. We are one of three UCC Conferences that have gone through the process of becoming WISE. We also employee two staff persons to engage the health and wholeness of our clergy and congregations.

WISE for Mental Health

The IKC Anti-Racism Task Force was created in 2020 when the IKC approved a resolution on systemic racism at our Annual Gathering (read the approved resolution here). Today that work continues, learn more on our Anti-Racism Task Force page.

Anti-Racism Task Force

We live in a tumultuous time, full of natural and human disasters. God calls us to care for our brothers and sisters, but good intentions aren’t enough. The Disaster Preparedness and Response Ministry Team (DPRMT) exists to establish and coordinate disaster preparation and relief efforts within and beyond the conference borders. We go beyond sending thoughts, prayers, and worn-out clothing and look for the most effective ways to give, from our dollars to our time.

Disaster Preparedness

We believe that getting outside your comfort zone to build new relationships can be so good for individuals and congregations alike. The Indiana-Kentucky Conference UCC maintains a long-standing partnership with the Evangelical Church of Westphalia that provides a foundation for meaningful cultural exchange.

German Partnership

The Young Ambassadors program is an opportunity for high school youth to develop faithful leadership by doing an exchange with young people from German churches.

Young Ambassadors

If you’d like to request a prayer note, please email the office and let us know that you are submitting a prayer request in the subject of your inquiry. When we receive prayer requests, we typically send them out via email to the Conference email subscribers.

Email a prayer request
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