The IKC Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors


The Board Chairperson and Vice Chairperson are elected from the At-Large Board members at the first meeting of the Board of Directors.

  • Moderator – Beth Walker (NE Lay)
  • Secretary – John P. Gardner (NE Clergy)
  • Treasurer – Rev. Izzy Harbin (Clergy – Northwest)

At-Large Board Members

  • Chad Abbott (SE Clergy)
  • Bruce Andres (NE Lay)
  • Kimberly Armstrong (ETS Lay)
  • Samuel Buehrer (ETS Clergy)
  • Georgia Chambers (ETS Clergy)
  • Kathi Elliott (WV Clergy)
  • Jamesetta Ferguson (KYA Clergy)
  • Kent Gilbert (KYA Clergy)
  • Izzy Harbin (NW Clergy)
  • John Jackson Sr. (NW Clergy)
  • Jill Olinger (SE Lay)
  • Dale Raines (KYA Clergy)
  • Christina Ryan Perkins (NE Clergy)
  • Shawn Seals (SE Lay)

General Synod Delegates, Class of 2023

  • Luke Anderson (KYA Lay)

General Synod Delegates, Class of 2025

  • Emma Loane (KYA Clergy)
  • Emily Tisheauar (KYA Lay)
  • Toni Hawkins (KYA Clergy)
  • Deborah Dewey (KYA Lay)
  • John Jackson (NW Clergy)
  • Sandra Mosley (NW Lay)
  • Timothy Murphy (NE Clergy)
  • Bethany Perkins (NE Lay)
  • Nikita Fischer (LL Lay)
  • Georgia Chambers (ETS Clergy)
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