Horizon Ministry is the sacred discernment process a congregation and its leaders engage in as they imagine their future.  Do they see a vital congregation (a sunrise) on the horizon or a closing congregation (a sunset) which leaves room for new possibilities on the horizon.  If you see a sunset and discern that it is time to bring your ministry to an end, the conference has a team of coaches to guide you through the closure process. 

Closure is not the end. The ministry of the church continues in different forms as the church lives, through yet again, another transformation/reformation at the present time. You are invited to reflect on these two questions as you move forward: what is the legacy your church will leave and what kind of ministry will continue after your church’s closure? 

Below you will find a link to a Worksheet on Congregational Vitality.  Complete the worksheet with your governing body and contact the Associate Conference Minister at m.ouellette@ikcucc.org for options, resources and to be connected with a Legacy Coach.

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