Young Ambassadors

An ecumenical youth cultural exchange with Germany

Throughout a three-year cycle, about 15 students (ages 16-21) from each country participate in a faith and cultural exchange opportunity. They first become acquainted through social media, then each group takes a turn visiting the partner country over two consecutive summers. During their visits, students have family time with host families, get to know the churches and larger community, help with mission work and community ministries, and visit other landmarks in the host country. German students have visited Washington D.C., Chicago, and St. Louis, among other destinations. Indiana-Kentucky Conference students have visited Cologne, Frankfurt, and Berlin.

Exchange participants raise their own funds for the trip and are also supported by past participants and congregations who have benefited from the partnership. The Ohio Conference also has connections with EKvW, so we also coordinate with our Ohio counterparts during visits on both sides of the Atlantic. This partnership forges important connections over time and across conference and international borders. We cherish the opportunity to learn from each other, serve one another, and appreciate our diversity and unity together.

We call each cohort a “generation.” Generation 8 began forming in 2021.

The Generation 8 Timeline

The IKC puts out emails when the call for applications for a new generation comes. We also promote the program at our Annual Gathering. Each generation needs both youth participants and adult mentors. Keep an eye on this page for information about the next generation.

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