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EPISODE 1: An interview with Rev. Greg Denk, the IKC Conference Disaster Coordinator. 

Cassidy’s Communion Liturgy:

“There is help coming…Help is on the way…”

As we ponder these words for our lives, we remember to bask in the hope of Jesus Christ. The one who is yet coming, and perpetually arriving by our side. The one who gathers our worries and anxieties daily. The one who gives us the endurance to care, the strength to continue, and the one who reminds us to rest.

As we think about this hope, I want to invite us into thinking about the ways we see and experience hope in the shared Sacrament of communion.

It is in our togetherness where God shows up and offers us ways to remember. In the midst of crisis and disaster, in the midst of pain and worry.

It is in our solidarity and communal living where God makes God’s self known by awakening us to deeper love, more full care, and tender trust. 

So I invite us into a time of this remembrance of just how deep the love of God is when we show up for each other and when we show up for ourselves.

Now, I invite us into a communion meditation.

No matter where you are — at work, at home, in-between the tasks of the day… I invite you to pause with me for these few minutes to remember together the meal which brings us together and binds us to unfathomable love. 

In Matthew chapter 26 it is said that when Jesus was eating a meal in the company of his beloved, he took bread, gave things, and broke it to share with his friends saying, “Take and eat; this is my body.” Then he  similarly took a cup and after giving thanks he said, “Drink from it, all of you. This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.” 

Wherever you are as you join me in this sacred memory, this meaningful meditation, I invite you to take a drink of your coffee, tea, water, juice and remember God’s presence, God’s friendship, God’s delight to share a meal with us in these reminders. 

Friends, it is now more than ever when we must tenderly remind one another that this great meal of solidarity, this great centering of togetherness, is the delight and reminder of our faith. It is a meal of grief, shared pain, joy, and curious wonder.


GOD of our togetherness. You bind us together with the sacrament of communion. Sending us reminders in the bites and sips throughout our days. Go with us now as we seek to live lives of hope, lives invested in solidarity, community, and possibility. God be with us in the moments between, remind us of your love, remind us of the truth that we belong to each other. Amen. 

The Lord’s Prayer from University UCC in Seattle, WA:

Our Creator, Spirit within us all,
Glorious and holy are you
May creation’s eyes be opened
and live in peace, love and joy
May your artistry be seen and lived
In this life and in dimensions unknown to me.
Grant us fulfillment of our needs,
Help us make a way for forgiveness
through reconciliation and peace.
Hold my heart on a path true
and please don’t leave me in the hard times
You are my “ruah” breath, my
comfort, my Abba, my Jehovah Jirah,
the One we seek in unity, and
mystery and comforting love.

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